Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

To hear my favourite radio station in the city I am actually living, it was necessary to have an internet radio. Luckily the Raspberry Pi was born this year and with some modifications it meets all my needs. I missed a display and some push buttons for running it standalone. So I created an extension board that fits directly to the Raspberry Pi gpio header. Furthermore I added a WiFi-USB-stick so it can be used without network cable.

RaspiRadio with casing


current features:

  • playing internet streams using MPD
  • network acces via USB-Wifi stick or network cable
  • change volume and radio station with push buttons
  • display showing radio station and volume level

future features

  • web server to edit playlist and configure the Pi

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  1. Maximiliano sagt:

    hello my name is Maximilian and want to buy the extension board. In principle it would be just one, but would need more time. What is the price? I can ship to Argentina? Greetings, Thanks

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